joseph-mbaziira-founder-&-managing-director-arcadia-safarisJOSEPH MBAZIIRA


Joseph, the Managing Director of Arcadia Safaris, is a seasoned leader with a passion for adventure and conservation. With a background in wildlife biology and a keen understanding of sustainable tourism, Joseph has dedicated his career to creating unforgettable experiences that harmonize with nature.

Having started as a safari guide, Joseph’s hands-on experience in the field allows him to curate exceptional journeys that not only showcase the beauty of the natural world but also contribute to its preservation. His commitment to responsible tourism is reflected in Arcadia Safaris’ mission to minimize environmental impact and support local communities.

Joseph’s leadership style is characterized by a blend of strategic vision and a deep appreciation for the intricate ecosystems he explores. Under his guidance, Arcadia Safaris has become synonymous with ethical travel, attracting adventurers who seek not just a thrilling experience but also a meaningful connection to the places they visit.

Driven by a belief in the transformative power of travel, Joseph continues to lead Arcadia Safaris toward new frontiers, inspiring both clients and team members to embrace a sustainable approach to exploring the wonders of the world.