Environmental Responsibility


In line with Environmental Responsibility, we at Arcadia Safaris, our passion for adventure is matched only by our deep commitment to protecting the environment. We recognize that the beauty of the natural world is a priceless asset that requires our utmost care. Our environmental responsibility initiatives are at the core of our operations, guiding every journey we create.

As a company we strive to operate in an environmentally sensitive way by doing the following:

Partnerships for Conservation

We forge partnerships with local environmental organizations and conservation initiatives in the regions we operate. Through financial contributions and hands-on support, we actively participate in habitat restoration, reforestation, and wildlife protection efforts. By collaborating with local experts, we contribute to long-term conservation outcomes that extend beyond the duration of our journeys.

We do the environmental conservation and restoration by purchasing trees for planting in Uganda from National Forestry Authority.  Trees can be added to your bill when booking your tour! and we make sure that you do the planting of that tree personally

Carbon offsets – Environmental Responsibility

Arcadia Safaris is dedicated to offsetting the carbon emissions produced by our activities. We actively invest in verified carbon offset projects that have a positive impact on communities and the environment. By taking responsibility for our emissions, we strive to achieve carbon neutrality and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change.

Minimizing water use

While washing / cleaning our tour vehicles we consider conservative water usage. We also ask that our guests be conscientious when using water.

Minimizing waste

Arcadia Safaris staff takes branded & reusable water bottles and coffee mugs/ small thermo flasks on the road, to minimize the use of disposable cups. We also have reusable shopping bags, so that we don’t take a plastic/polythene bag from the till. We encourage our guests to do the same – Arcadia Safaris water bottles, coffee mugs, thermal flasks and shopping bags are all available for FREE throughout the tour! And as well these can be purchased if needed while on Tour.

Wildlife responsibility

We do not support animal attractions where wild animals are trained or kept in enclosures for human entertainment. Arcadia Safaris does not support riding, touching or walking alongside wild animals.  We much prefer the awesome National Parks and game reserves that Uganda has to offer, where tourists can see animals in their natural environment. We hope you will support us in this decision!

Please ask if you have any questions about specific attractions. We will continue to make decisions as we go, with the best information we have available and to always put the wildlife first. As a Fair-trade Tour Operator, Arcadia Safaris follows Fair-trade Tourism’s captive wildlife guidelines

RemarksEnvironmental Responsibility

Embark on a journey with Arcadia Safaris and witness firsthand our unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. Together, we can explore the world’s wonders while ensuring a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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